art düsseldorf 2023

31 March - 2 April 2023 

max goelitz creates a dialogue between current works by Natacha Donzé, Lou Jaworski, Brigitte Kowanz, Haroon Mirza, Jürgen Partenheimer and Troika within a multimedia installation at Art Düsseldorf 2023.


Kowanz and Troika follow a long tradition in the fine arts of utilizing scientific methods to question the transmission of information while developing powerful conceptual aesthetics. Their works explore experimental approaches to human perception and the representation of reality through coded language and algorithms. The poetically abstract oeuvre of Jürgen Partenheimer often based on language is characterized by his exploration of a mental, geographical, historical, and political space in relation with perception. He creates spatial drawings that enter a dialogue with Brigitte Kowanz's handwritten light drawings, while Natacha Donzé opens up a new approach in her painting in relation to digital references. Natacha Donzé's, Haroon Mirza's and Lou Jaworski's works are characterized by technological features that unfold a mystical component and take up pop cultural references or ancient cultures. Mirza's installations including electricity, sound, light and solar panels  allow for contemporary technologies to merge with environmental issues. Bringing these artistic encounters together the booth presents a diverse reflection on contemporary issues such as digitization, language, mysticism, and climate policy.


Booth G03

Preview 30 March 2023

Fair Days 31 March – 2 April 2023


Areal Böhler

Hansaallee 321

40549 Düsseldorf


Further informations on the artist and exhibitied works can be found on the art fair viewing room.


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