British-Pakistani artist Haroon Mirza (*1977 in London, UK) views himself as a composer and utilizes sound, video, electronic circuits and psychoactive plants to develop a complex body of work in which he examines the function of the components used while changing the significance of their cultural and social code. Mirza challenges the categorization of artistic expression with his strong collaborative approach and draws on diverse scientific, historical, art historical, pop cultural as well as spiritual influences.
In his multi-sensory installations, he explores the interplay and dissonance between sound, light and electricity, challenging thw viewers to abandon their individual perception of noise, sound and music. He forces the viewer to evaluate the relationship between the elements and the surrounding space to be experienced in an unusual way. In doing so, he formally refers to fundamental strategies of minimal art and allows for contemporary technologies to merge with environmental issues.
In 2011, Haroon Mirza received the Silver Lion at the 54th Venice Biennale as well as the Nam June Paik Center Prize in 2014. Solo exhibitions of the artist were a.o. shown at the New Museum, New York (2012), the Museum Tinguely, Basel (2015) and the Australian Center for Contemporary Art, Melbourne (2019).

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