the enigma of arrival. il mistero dell'arrivo | jürgen partenheimer

9 June - 26 August 2022 Munich

The solo exhibition of Jürgen Partenheimer, entitled il mistero dell‘arrivo, presents a body of new work of cross-media concepts including sculpture, painting, drawings and text following his five-year commitment to the comprehensive group of works of One Hundred Poets. New forms of expression review and enhance the present vocabulary following the idea that image and language share a common ground in thinking and feeling. The title of the exhibition the enigma of arrival, addresses the unpredictable magic of creation.


In an incomparable way, Jürgen Partenheimer creates spaces of contemplation and visual imagination in which his abstract art does not show what is seen, but instead reveals spirit, movement, trace and energy, giving the movement of thought a visible form.


Thus, Jürgen Partenheimer‘s complex oeuvre inspires experiences that reshape the realms of perception, thinking and doing.



Speaking Performance

with Julia CortisPeter Weiß, Luis David Dechamps and texts by Jürgen Partenheimer in three languages from 1971 – 2022

Wednesday 20 July 7 pm



→ viewing room il mistero dell'arrivo



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