in the epoch of waves | haroon mirza

28 April - 2 June 2022

Haroon Mirza's multi-sensory presentation reveals connections between technology, nature, humankind and the universe. His multi-layered work-cycle The Wave Epoch consisting of video, music and performance is complemented by wall works made of solar panels automatically generating electricity and representing the dynamic system of light, electrical signals and complex circuits.


The central installation The Wave Epoch incorporates references from club culture, future archaeology, central belief systems as well as social rituals and was developed as a collaboration between Haroon Mirza and Jack Jelfs with musicians GAIKA and Elijha as part of the Collide Residency at the European Organization for Nuclear Research Center CERN, Geneva. The core question of this immersive work cycle, which includes archival footage, artifacts and electronic components from previous experiments at CERN, is as following: if the Large Hadron Collider (particle accelerator) were to be unearthed a few thousand years in the future and if its original purpose had been forgotten, how would people archaeologically interpret it? Based on this scenario, The Wave Epoch is an audiovisual sci-fi exploration of truth and belief, matter and consciousness, ritual and practice, and the existential human longing for pattern and order.



Wednesday 27 April

6 – 9 pm

The artists Haroon Mirza & Jack Jelfs will be present.



Exhibition in collaboration with Lisson Gallery, London.



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installation views