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group exhibition "body care" with natacha donzé brings together four international emerging artistic positions that explore new ways of corporeality

Through new technologies and confronted with contemporary crises surrounding us, the understanding of bodies and the bodily experience is exponentially evolving. With Natacha Donzé, Keiken, Ernst Lima and Tabita Rezaire, this group exhibition "BODY CARE" brings together four internationally emerging artistic positions that explore new ways of corporeality. The changes in physical existence revealed in the works testify to a concern for bodies articulated in fluid and fragmentary representations of the body, a new approach to spirituality, and by locating bodies in parallel realities in digital space. Through their multimedia works, the artists pose questions about bodily experience, negotiating aspects of identity, equality, healing, metamorphosis, and connection to technology.

Natacha Donzé

Body Care

DIT, Vienna
9 november - 3 dezember

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9 November 2022