energy/power | haroon mirza

11 November 2022 - 28 January 2023 Berlin

max goelitz gallery is pleased to announce the opening of a second location in Berlin with a solo exhibition by artist Haroon Mirza in November 2022.


For the opening exhibition energy/power, the British-Pakistani artist Haroon Mirza (*1977 in London, UK) has developed a multi-sensory presentation intertwining various references of technology, nature, human and the universe with socio-political issues. The medium of electricity is at the forefront of his work, combining light, sound, and photovoltaic panels into complex circuit systems that create a dynamic audiovisual experience. Mirza draws on a variety of scientific, musical, art-historical and spiritual influences, referring to Minimal Art strategies on a formal level.


At the center of the presentation is the large-scale sculpture Dyson Sphere (2021/2022), its core octagonally enclosed by solar panels with intensely radiating halogen lamps, absorbing the light. Mirza takes this idea from the physicist Freeman Dyson, which in turn refers to the littleknown science fiction novel „Starmaker“ (1937) by Olaf Stapledon: in the future, with technological progress, a star can be enclosed with a collection of solar panels to store its enormous reserves of energy and make it usable for humans. Using the power generated by Dyson Sphere as an energy source, surrounding works of sound-generating objects and psychoactive plants in space will be powered and operated as if within its own ecosystem. The Dyson Sphere was presented at the exhibition “Novacène“ in 2022 as part of lille3000 and supported by Maison Ruinart. In addition Mirza‘s series of Light Works and Solar Powered LED Curcuit Compositions are presented in the exhibtion.


The exhibition takes place in collaboration with Lisson Gallery, London and New York. 


max goelitz

Rudi-Dutschke-Straße 26

10969 Berlin



11 November 2022

6 – 9 pm


Opening hours | from 12 November

Thursday – Saturday 

1 – 6 pm


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