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exhibition series space travel at museum langmatt with natacha donze on topics of space, futurism and science-ficiton

The exhibition series Raumfahrt of the Museum Langmatt presents young Swiss art in the basement rooms of the museum. The term space travel is to be taken quite literally, as the public is invited to explore formerly inaccessible rooms of the Langmatt and get to know another Langmatt beyond the stately rooms on the upper floor.


The exhibition features works by Natacha Donzé, Laila Kaletta, and Vicente Lesser that explore themes of outer space, futurism, and science fiction, and reflect the inner worlds of experience they evoke. The preoccupation with scientific progress, overwhelming technology, fantastic visions of the future and the vastness of space can be both perilous and pleasurable in equal measure.


Natacha Donzé

Raumfahrt VII

Museum Langmatt, Switzerland

June 4 - September 24, 2023


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4 June 2023