Rosemarie Castoro (1939–2015) was born in Brooklyn and worked her entire life in New York, where she was a central figure in the city’s Minimalist and Conceptualist art scene. After studying at the Pratt Institute, she experimented with various forms of expression and media, from drawing, painting and installations to choreography and modern dance. In 1969 Castoro turned away from painting and began to deal with new experimental forms of expression of the New York avant-garde: conceptual text pieces, concrete poetry and performative interventions in the streets. Her formalistic work is often premised on an allegorical ambiguity. Recent major museum retrospectives have taken place at MAMCO, Musée d’art modern et contemporain, Geneva (2019) and MACBA, Museu d’art contemporani de Barcelona (2017). Castoro’s works were included in two of Lucy Lippard’s legendary Numbers shows, ‘555,087’ at the Seattle Art Museum (1969) and ‘995,000’ at Vancouver Art Gallery (1970).

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