a changing ratio | rosemarie castoro and liz deschenes

10 July - 22 August 2020 Munich

a changing ratio presents an intergenerational female duo exhibition on Postminimalism featuring US artists Rosemarie Castoro and Liz Deschenes. Their dialogue introduces an expanded perspective on Postminimalist art, which can be seen as an addition to its protagonists since the 1960s. Their work is presented here for the first time in the German-speaking countries.


The central characteristics of Castoro’s and Deschenes’s oeuvres include formal and substantive examination of particular mediums, and a reliance on temporal processes, that participate in the tradition of Minimal art, but also illustrate a liberated view of materiality. An engagement with medium-specific characteristics, a delving into other genres as well as the overcoming of traditional associations of certain mediums are particularly evident in their sculptural works. The exhibition showcases how the practices of both artists, from their beginnings in the field of monochrome painting, opened up into experimental, cross-media, process-based approaches, then into space, and towards an intellectual reflection involving the body.

Please also visit our Viewing Room for an insight into the multifaceted oeuvre of Liz Deschenes and Rosemarie Castoro beyond the works in the exhibition.


The exhibition is a collaboration with Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac London • Paris • Salzburg and supported by Miguel Abreu Gallery New York.


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