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jenna sutela is part of the exhibition SHIFT about artistic perspectives on artificial intelligence

The exhibition project SHIFT. AI and a future community developed by the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart and the museum Marta Herford explores artistic perspectives on artificial intelligence (AI). AI is based on algorithms that already have influence—either visibly or invisibly—on political, economic and social processes. As a key technology of the 21st century, AI has long since arrived at the center of society. It is associated with both expectations and concerns.

The term “Shift” emphasizes the exhibition’s hypothesis that digital technology is permanently changing the idea of a community in which humans, nature and technology form a cooperative relationship.

On display will be eight international artistic positions, including Jenna Sutela. The works make the complex interrelationships of AI accessible. They draw on research regarding real and artificial corporeality, digital surveillance, biological intelligence and hybrid life forms, social power relations, language technology, immortality and NFTs. Within their works, the artists always pose the question of ethical responsibility in dealing with AI.


Jenna Sutela

SHIFT. AI and a future community

Kunstmuseum Stuttgart

opening 3 February 2023


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3 February 2023