28 October 2022 - 14 January 2023 Munich

Lou Jaworski's (*1981 in Warsaw, PL) title HEATING UP COOLING DOWN refers to the rapid change of news, crises and technologies and presents an exhibition that eludes this fast pace. Through his reduced visual language and the use of marble, the artist achieves a supratemporality in his works and creates a universal space for the viewer, in which the haptic presence of the material unfolds a mystical component reminiscent of digital spaces and their grids and 3D renderings. The omnipresence of marble as CNC-milled crystalline floor sculptures as well as an image carrier for UV pigment printing illustrates its monolithic power, which transcends our understanding of time, carries millennia-old traces within, and at the same time acquires a digital notion through Jaworski's conceptual interventions. 


STELLAR, a new group of works presented for the first time, combines Jaworski's exploration of marble and halftone printing: on the marbled surface of the stone slab, a grid of lines runs from light to dark. The resulting delicate subdivision of the marble creates the impression of a pixel-like landscape that stretches across the stone, allowing the eye to jump between the image carrier and the image. At the same time, Jaworski creates the impression of an energetic force field that seems to emanate from oversized crystal-shaped marble sculptures of the JET series. Through the distortion of size, they are reminiscent of 3D models that are scalable in size and shape, transforming the gallery into a semi-digital space in which unknown forces unfold. Detached from the environment, they are quotations of natural conditions, artificial replicas of geological structures, and reminiscent of spiritual practices in which crystals are said to have a healing and protective effect.


Thus Jaworski sees his works as amplifiers: amplifiers of architectural elements and material properties, as well as trains of thought and energies, which combine to form an expansive installation.



Friday 28 October
6 – 9 pm

installation views