paradoxical structures_system_ mode | sébastien de ganay

11 November 2021 - 29 January 2022

max goelitz presents the first solo exhibition by French, Vienna based artist Sébastien de Ganay. In paradoxical structures_system_mode de Ganay combines abstract, representational and functional elements to one, activating sensory perception and questioning the boundaries between genres, traditions, categories and classifications. He deliberately locates his work between artistic genres, thus creating works of art that defy a clear categorization into images, reliefs, objects or furniture. The works from six different groups presented in the exhibition illustrate the diversity of de Ganay‘s oeuvre, whereby an intercorrelation between the pieces through common structures, systems and modes, utilized by the artist, become clear. Paradox plays a central role in de Ganay‘s innovative and experimental work, unifying seemingly contradictive aspects.



Wednesday 10 November, 6  9 pm


→ Viewing Room paradoxical structures_system_mode


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