Gabriel Rico


Mexican artist Gabriel Rico (*1980 in Lago de Moreno, MX) connects seemingly disjunctive objects in his sculptures and installations by combining and interrelating found natural materials with everyday objects. In reference to Arte Povera, he utilizes materials such as stone, wood or wheat and playfully puts them in relation to consumer products. Rico’s assemblages made of natural and industrial objects examine the relationship between humans and nature, while at the same time creating a new and original narration. Fascinated by philosophy and science, Rico investigates form and space, using technological tools and scientific models as metaphors for collective memory. He sees himself as a gatherer of the fragments of contemporary existence. By deconstructing and re-textualizing, he is able to ironically and poetically comment on the ambivalence between the natural environment and man-man principles of order. Gabriel Rico took part in the 58th Venice Biennale in 2019. His works have been shown in numerous solo exhibitions, including the Power Station in Dallas (2017) and the Aspen Art Museum (2019).

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